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Global journal series consists of eleven journals published by Bachudo Science Company Limited incorporated in 1995.

NAME OF JOURNAL                                                        EDITOR

1. Global journal of pure and applied sciences                       Prof. Barth N. Ekwueme

2. Global Journal of Agricultural Sciences                             Prof. Leo N. Agwunobi

3. Global Journal of Mathematical Sciences                           Prof. Gabriel A. Olayi

4. Global Journal of Engineering Research                             Prof. Ify L. Nwaogazie

5. Global Journal of Geological Sciences                               Prof. Barth N. Ekwueme

6. Global Journal of Medical Sciences                                    Prof. Saturday Etuk

7. Global Journal of Community Medicine                            Dr. E. J. Udoma

8. Global Journal of Environmental sciences                          Dr. A. B. Utu-Baku

9. Global Journal of Educational Research                             Dr (Mrs) C.O. Ekwueme

10. Global Journal of Humanities                                           Dr. Bobson Ajibade

11. Global Journal of Social Sciences                                     Dr. E. N. Nwagbara.

The activities of the journals are co-ordinated in a central office at Department of Geology, University of Calabar, Nigeria. The Managing Editor / Founder of the Global Journal series is Prof. Barth N. Ekwueme. His Editorial Assistants, Rose Ijeoma Ibe Agwu, Ugo Ogba Ochu, Ada Lovina Ameh, Edith Onwutebe, Ada Nchonwa Kalu, Nnenna Prisca Ekwueme, Lucy Ezinne Ibe Agwu. Except for the last three, the other assistants are no longer working for the journal since they got married and are living with their husbands.

Global Journal series publishes articles and advertisements. The publisher Bachudo Science Co. Ltd undertakes consultancy services and publishes books.


            The journal was founded in 1995 and the first issue volume 1, numbers 1 and 2 made its debut in June 1995. The ten-man Editorial Board was headed by Barth N. Ekwueme. The sixteen maiden articles reflected the goal of the journal as spelt out in the maiden editorial entitled: “A step in the right direction”. The aims were and are still to publish authoritative articles that reflect worldwide research advances and evolving trend in the pure and applied sciences and relevant to its environment.

            The journal grew rapidly in terms of number of manuscript submission and accepted for publication. It was regular and articles published were peer-reviewed. The journal was not established for selfish interest. Those in other fields of research including Humanities, Engineering, Social Sciences demanded from the Founder the floating of journals to publish articles in their area. Yielding to their demand, the Founder established the Global Journal series comprising the journals listed under profile. That was in 2002. since then the Journals had grown and have contributed to the promotion of many academicians. It has also been rated highly by International Network for Scientific Information (INASP) based in Oxford. For instance, Global Journal of Environmental Sciences was rated by INASP as the second most popular journal in Africa in 2005 and in 2006, INASP and council of science Editors sponsored the Founder / Managing Editor to attend the 49th Council of Science Editors’ meeting in Tampa Florida U.S.A. He was awarded the council’s international scholarship for 2006. The National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria listed all the journals in the Global Journal series in its 2007 catalogue of assessed journals suitable for appraisal and promotion of academic staff in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions. African Journal online has also rated the journals highly and is hosting the journals in its website. Presently an article entitled:  Youth unemployment in Nigeria: some implications for the third Millenium published by O.O. Alanana, in Global Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 2, No1 (2003) is ranked in AJOL as the most popular article in Africa. Apart from this, the journals are indexed and abstracted in reputable databases e.g. Chemical Abstracts, CAB Abstracts etc. The journals are presently being assessed for Impact Factor by Thomas Reuters.



            Global Journal series is a forum for information exchange among renowned scholars in all fields of human endeavour. Its aim is to impart scientific literacy to its immediate community and beyond. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of society, science and technology, scientific practice and process, scientific methods of inquiry and scientific concepts and principles.

            In addition to publishing these journals, Bachudo Science Company Ltd the publisher of Global Journal series undertakes:


(1)   Review and publication of manuscripts as books.

(2)   Publishes advertisements in journals from companies and similar institutions.

(3)   Consultancy services in the area of geology, engineering and agriculture.


Referees are paid honoraria to facilitate the review and return of articles. For this reason authors are requested to submit their articles with assessment fees. It is 2000NGN. if articles are submitted by post and 2500NGN through the internet. Foreign articles do not attract assessment fees. Authors sending their articles by post must submit three copies of each article. Page charges are requested to enable the Editorial Board to print the journals. NGN15000 is charged for articles not exceeding six printed pages. Articles with printed pages exceeding six, attract NGN1000 per extra page. Foreign articles attract USD150 for articles not exceeding six printed pages. An excess page attracts a charge of USD10. Foreign authors are advised to pay through Western Union Money Transfer giving the Editor all required details to enable him collect the money. Local authors can pay online into Global Journal Account No: 1202010053511 First Bank of Nigeria Calabar Main Branch Nigeria.

Subscription to the journals including postage is as follows:

Foreign institutions USD40 per issue

Local institutions NGN1,500 per issue

Individual subscribers USD30 or NGN1000.00. per issue.

All journals can be ordered through this Global Journal website.

The prices of the books published by Bachudo Science Co. Ltd are as listed under products. Orders can also be placed in this website.




Global Journal Series

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Correspondence should be addressed to

Prof. Barth N. Ekwueme

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